I applied to Donut Media and was REJECTED. Which is totally fine.

Honestly I really think that my video portion needs to be worked on. Here’s the kicker though, from the amount of people I had read my submission script, everyone of them said that it sounded exactly like a donut script. I will be editing it and changing it for my own use. I just wantedContinue reading “I applied to Donut Media and was REJECTED. Which is totally fine.”

I bought a wrecked MK5 Rabbit

On the everlasting hunt for a winter beater as to not let my high mile mk6 gti rust out more in the rear fenders so I can get them fixed at a later date. I searched and searched Facebook marketplace. I found this for almost $600 dollars. I bought it for $500 flat. It hasContinue reading “I bought a wrecked MK5 Rabbit”

Oh Canada, oh Montreal, OH NO!

So being that I work at a hotel, during the first Christmas party I got a two night stay in Montreal. Being the Euro fanatic that I kind of am I lined up using my stay with Eurokracy. I put together the trip with my best friend Noah. Backstory before this: I bagged my carContinue reading “Oh Canada, oh Montreal, OH NO!”

MK4 R32: Volkswagens Holy Grail or Crusty Cup?

The 2004 Volkswagen R32 is something that every Volkswagen enthusiast seems to lust over for so many reasons. It’s an AWD VR6 hot hatch, and it’s 1 of 5000 in the United States. Is it everything that you dreamed it to be, or will there be something left to be desired? Ever since I delvedContinue reading “MK4 R32: Volkswagens Holy Grail or Crusty Cup?”

MK6 Versus MK6 And Another MK6

Okay so that title in itself is a handful but I have no dealt with not one MK6 GTI but three and one of them has been my daily driver since October 2018. If you’re looking for a car that’s decently good on gas (Don’t think you can run around with the pedal to theContinue reading “MK6 Versus MK6 And Another MK6”


I know what you’re gonna say here “Really Vince? Another Volkswagen?” Yeah, another Volkswagen. And it’s another MK6 too so I’m sure you love that. There I was at Wolfsgart 9.0, an amazing show that keeps gaining popularity every year. Honestly the main draw asides from the amazing cars was camping, getting drunk, hanging outContinue reading “Gl-Bye?”

The little check engine light that could.

I would love to say that I’ve driven every version of Volkswagen VR6. I’m sure each one offers some sort of different driving experience. This is the story of my own 2002 MK4 GTI. Let me get started by saying Volkswagens are very – VERY picky cars. If it doesn’t have a check engine lightContinue reading “The little check engine light that could.”