Oh Canada, oh Montreal, OH NO!

So being that I work at a hotel, during the first Christmas party I got a two night stay in Montreal. Being the Euro fanatic that I kind of am I lined up using my stay with Eurokracy. I put together the trip with my best friend Noah.


Backstory before this: I bagged my car to be like every GTI owner ever. Let me tell you. The clout wasn’t worth it. Like yeah it’s pretty sick but I couldn’t get things working correctly, I ate through my tires and on top of that I had bought a used set. The fact it was used for two years will be an issue that we’ll come back to later. But enjoy some photos my friend took

My tuned GTI got great gas mileage on the way up. I filled up one or two times less than noah did in the STI I believe? I actually almost touched 35 mpg.


The trip went fantastic on the way up, to the show and back to the hotel. I wish I had photos of the Montreal roads because holy hell. Let me backtrack a moment. Driving up was pretty. Exactly what you’d think upstate new York would be. Once you hit Canada it almost felt like the midwest, the ground flattened out, and the roads were good. The instant you hit Montreal though… It was the wort parts of new jersey mixed with NYC. There was never-ending construction. All of the signs were in French so Noah and I couldn’t read them. Our fault for going to a different country lol.

We had a great time, enjoyed the show, the festivities, and bought some merch. I took some photos.




I always gravitated towards the VR6’s because I am such a whore for them. The people were friendly.

I tried some moving shots.


THE DISASTER: Day two, going to the show.

it wasn’t a pothole. It wasn’t some crater the size of my car. It was just a damn bump in the road that ruined my day. It sheered the tophat off my driver side strut. I actually thought to bring the extra bag that I had. But after taking things apart to see that it was the entire strut that was basically done for.



All this drama and I didn’t even end up in an aftermovie. Kinda upset about that if I’m honest. I was parked off to the side of the entry way. The tow company didn’t take my credit card and thankfully I had cash on my to get my car off the trailer. I called my parents and thankfully my dad agreed to come up with my old strut. He saved the day after he got lost in Canada for a little bit. The car would rub too much in first gear so I had to reverse it with almost no turning radius on the front driver side. I revered it into a spot out of the way of everyone and waited.


My dad Finally got there. We knocked out the swap from air to a coilover in maybe 20-40 minutes and then we were on our way home. From then on it was smooth sailing. I didn’t follow directions at the border because I was fried from events of the day so that took a little whole longer and that was that. -$300 some dollars but a crazy story in the books.

Here’s the Burnout Slut, one of the final car’s we saw leave as we waited for my dad.


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