I bought a wrecked MK5 Rabbit

On the everlasting hunt for a winter beater as to not let my high mile mk6 gti rust out more in the rear fenders so I can get them fixed at a later date. I searched and searched Facebook marketplace.

I found this for almost $600 dollars. I bought it for $500 flat.

It has really no rust on it to speak of. It needed a new hood, headlights, radiator, radiator support, and a new front bumper. It also needed brakes very badly.  I did the math on what purchasing all of these things alone would come out to be and it was basically the same price as the car, so I was on the hunt again but for a parts car this time.

I landed a 2006 VW jetta for $300. Unknown issues but the body was decent! I swapped everything over in the course of  day. I was bored so I looked up what the cost would have been if a shop were to do it and that was about $1200. I swapped the rear cloth seats for the jetta’s leather. The front heated seats want to light you on fire but that is okay. It leaks some oil but for a $500 car I would say that is okay.

The brakes were horrid, the rear rotors had to be cut off completely on each side.

After all of my expenses to get the car back on the road I spent about $1000. I believe once summer hits I can off the Jetta parts car again for about $300 considering it still has the engine and auto trans.

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Published by Vincent Wight Malatesta

I graduated from the College of Saint Rose in 2019. I’ve always loved cars! My Instagram's are clutchoutmedia, Vince_emkay6, and my personal is itsvincem.

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