I know what you’re gonna say here “Really Vince? Another Volkswagen?” Yeah, another Volkswagen. And it’s another MK6 too so I’m sure you love that.

There I was at Wolfsgart 9.0, an amazing show that keeps gaining popularity every year. Honestly the main draw asides from the amazing cars was camping, getting drunk, hanging out with those around you and the friends you came with. Surprisingly I just hung out and slept. I passed up on getting drunk and puking my brains out.

One of the people who enjoyed the day drinking owns a 2014 edition 30 GLI Jetta. Meaning happy 30th birthday in 2014! When it comes down to it, the mk6 GLI is a lovely car. The DSG system works wonders as it always has. It’s a very comfortable car, the cloth seats are soft and there’s really no noise from the interior. At 210hp there is more to be desired out of the decently sized sedan.

The 2014 GLI that I was driving around wasn’t the DSG though. I was driving around the 6 speed manual. The clutch has an even lighter feeing than the mk6 GTI. So I instantly had a problem with it. The grab point was closer to the top and I again have to compare it to feeling like a toy. It was squishy. I like having a stiff clutch, it makes me feel more connected to the car. First gear had no torque and felt so far away from its power curve. In this car the only place I felt power was third gear. That was only about 3400k RPMS and forward. It was quiet power but it didn’t hit hard or feel extremely fast.

Another friend of mine at the show got his 14 GLI APR stage one tuned when we were there. This car came stock with a shorter shifter which was nice to have a throw. It gave the car a slightly more sporty feel. Once he came back with the tune he stated how he was afraid that his clutch was going to give out but he sent it anyways.

I drove the newly tuned car around the campsite on the final day when everyone was leaving. The torque that seemed to be missing when the car was stock was there. 1st gear was comparable to my VR6’s and then when the turbo kicked in it felt even better. The stage one tune brought it up to 253hp and 309 ft-lbs of torque. All in all the stage one APR tune and shorter throw changed the feel of the Jetta completely and I will recommend it 100% of the time. It’s as if you’re driving a new car.


Published by Vincent Wight Malatesta

I graduated from the College of Saint Rose in 2019. I’ve always loved cars! My Instagram's are clutchoutmedia, Vince_emkay6, and my personal is itsvincem.

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