About Me (Vince M)

My name is Vincent Malatesta. I’ve been into cars since I was three and let me tell you, that will never change. Hot wheels and Video games are what started this passion. My parents have always been into cars too. They’ve been rebuilding a 63 corvette since before I can remember.

I have a 1998 Honda Accord that I made some questionable choices on along the way but every car guy has their growing stage. It’s automatic and as many people call automatic cars – AutoTragic. Old Honda auto transmissions live up to that. Their gears fail and the whole thing needs to be rebuilt. This exact car is technically on its third (Thankfully before I owned it). But that third is going, so I have a 99 and an 01 accord. The 99 is a parts car for the 01 which has no rust. All I need to do is get the engine built, swap interior pieces and the engine. I’m definitely a Honda boy at heart.

I’ve also got an 02 Volkswagen Golf GTI thats been broken 90% of the time I’ve owned it. The engine blew the night I got it home so it sat around until I got a parts car, swapped the engine and trans for cheaper than buying a new engine would have been but now it’s got some electrical issues that I’m currently working on figuring out. Its technically the first manual car that I’ve driven, I love the way it handles even though I only had it on the road for about a month.

Published by Vincent Wight Malatesta

I graduated from the College of Saint Rose in 2019. I’ve always loved cars! My Instagram's are clutchoutmedia, Vince_emkay6, and my personal is itsvincem.

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