The Mk7 Jetta facelift is a disappointment.

Honestly I didn’t like the MK7 Jetta very much to start with, after having the MK6 Jetta from 2011- 2018, the 2015 GLI being my favorite out of the generation with only having the rear end facelifted to have better tail lights, a seven year run with a car mostly unchanged kind of gets you used to seeing it. The GLI is really what won me over to enjoying the MK7 Jetta.

The 2019 Jetta update was very unfamiliar and many people said it looked like a Civic, I didn’t quite agree with that. (If anything the brand new civics look a little like Jetta’s now.) The base model was decent looking to say the least, it was like the Jetta had started working out, it was just a bit bigger at 3,228 LB’s rather than the previous generation at 3,158 LB’s, it adopted more angular bodylines, and more of a wedge shape. The grille got bigger, we lost the single exit exhaust (Which I personally like), the tail lights gained a much more characterized look, and they added a little badge to the fender like on the MK7 GTI!

The Interior brought an update to theMK7 GTI steering wheel, the customizable mood lighting in the interior was an interesting but cool feature, and they changed the dash to be a bit more driver orientated.

They upped the horsepower by another 10 to put it at 228hp. The car is definitely a GTI with a trunk as it used to be called. The MQB platform that Volkswagen is utilizing works wonders. Overall the change from MK6 to MK7 was a big improvement.

Here are a few photos from the pre-facelifted car.

Photos used from MotorTrend along with Car And Driver. All Credit goes to the respective owners.

Now that I’ve covered a bit about the MK7 pre-facelift, I would to move onto the facelift that was just revealed for 2022, only three years after the MK7 Jetta’s release. And wow, has it left me with a very bad taste in my mouth.

The Following photos are all from Car And Driver and they are of the facelift coming in 2022

The interior hasn’t changed much, the cars get updated shifters and standard digital displays to match the new golf/GTI and R.

The grille is now surrounded by a large chrome strip with a large chrome piece through the middle of the grille which is honestly very garish. The lower grille sadly follows the new design que from the mk8 golf but worse which is more rounded and has made the front end much less aggressive. The GLI has suffered from this the most and now has weird red oval accents in the lower grilles where fog lights would be and it just looks weird while the upper grille has a HUGE chrome piece going through its center.

The rear end hasn’t changed much except the bumper, the new base Jetta has weirdly designed chrome trim while the GLI gets a black lower valance with honeycomb design to it which honestly doesn’t look bad, I’d say it’s an improvement the more I look at it!

I feel like the biggest disappointment for me is the new GLI badge. It’s so much more curvy and skinny.

The engine and the transmission remain unchanged from the beginning of the Mk7 generation in the GLI while the new base model gets a bit of an upgrade.

I know I haven’t gotten my hands on this car in real life and photos may not do it justice but these are my opinions of the facelift that is coming in 2022!

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